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Sky pearl club is the fifth anniversary celebration held in guangzhou

Date: 2013-11-11

Late November 8, 2003, China southern airlines in pearl clubhouse "fly" with the heart and heart and sky pearl club theme the fifth anniversary celebration party, invite our members together, share the wonderful moment, thereby thanks to more than 200 sky pearl club members and social people from all walks of life support and love of China southern airlines in five years, and at the party on startup "sky pearl love fund", hand in hand with pearl membership development pearl compassion enterprise, build the pearl, love will love the light spread to China.
The pearl of hand in hand to create brilliant
China southern airlines group company is one of the three major aviation groups in China.Its core transport enterprises, China southern airlines co., LTD is the largest number of transport aircraft, and flight route network and the highest for passenger transport airlines, passengers for 24 consecutive years among the top of the domestic airlines, 2002 passengers break through 20 million person-time, into the air passenger 20.
As one of important measures of the competitive strategy of sky pearl club is China southern airlines co., LTD., in November 1998 launch of frequent-flier miles rewards program, to accumulate mileage often take China southern airline passengers, according to the mileage passengers a reward, to improve the quality of the services.Today, the sky pearl club has developed into the largest and fastest growing domestic, the most attractive frequent-flier program, with China southern vast route network, perfect the service platform and many industry partners, has become the brand of choice for business travelers.After the formation of the three major aviation transportation group, China southern airlines to speed up the integration of the group's internal frequent-flier program, on January 1, 2003, the original airlines, northern xinjiang airlines frequent flyer program into sky pearl club.Today, in the five years old birthday, sky pearl club membership reached $2.25 million.
In accordance with the regulations, all passengers over the age of 12, as long as the correct fill in the sky pearl club membership application form, or by logging in our website www.cs-air.com directly apply for membership on the net,, the mileage accumulated award scheme to join sky pearl club (mileage accumulated from the date of application for membership).Mileage can be up to 20000 km/h for the first time for China southern airlines free ticket or upgrades, the reward can also donates others, let the sky pearl club members have the chance to work with family, friends and share the fun of the free flight.
Sky pearl club to powerful alliances, hotels, Banks, telecommunications and other partners as the backing, broadening of membership service areas.Sky pearl club membership by royal Dutch airlines, sichuan airlines flight, flight boc credit card, Great Wall international card, use Hong Kong - China southern guangdong development bank card consumption, shangri-la hotel group or any hotel of marriott hotel group, use of guangdong mobile, hainan mobile communication service, through ctrip www.ctrip.com booking hotels, etc., can be accumulated mileage.In the near future, go to department store shopping, use mileage accumulation as well, such as car rental services make free flight becomes faster and more easily.
Throughout the country each big airport sky pearl club of field service center and a regular service branch, the first domestic customer service call center, 020-950333, a member of sky pearl club provides perfect service platform, make the mileage accumulation and mileage for everything easy, convenient and fast.
Ordinary members accumulated to considerable mileage can upgrade to silver or gold card members, with noble identity, enjoy the VIP treatment, including check in priority, first class/business class ticket counters, first class/business class lounge waiting, etc.
With the heart and heart fly
On 8 November night the theme of the celebration party began in the solemn salute five ring, the whole party by the buffet will, concerts, the pearl of China southern airlines love fund establishment ceremony, the fifth anniversary of the birthday celebrations, the closing of five most fireworks.
Thanks to our members and the social people from all walks of life support and love of sky pearl club, uphold the spirit of "contributing to society", sky pearl club was started in September 2003, in the process of forming the pearl of China southern airlines love fund, on November 8th party scene, in cooperation with the guangzhou youth development foundation launched the "sky pearl love fund".It is the sky pearl club long accepted members voluntary contributions, on the basis of multidimensional donation form to supplement, used for various forms of social public welfare activities of a reserve and transfer of funds, launched jointly by China southern airlines and member, joint management and common development of the pearl compassion enterprise, become a sky pearl club after the joint reorganization and buaa, xinjiang and a new milestone.
Sky pearl club fifth anniversary celebration to fly with "heart and heart" for the order, will attract more friends to join sky pearl family, and will be the pearl of the member closely together, hand in hand with love in the construction of the pearl of China southern airlines, the beautiful home, work together to develop side by side and make more and more people feel the need of love the warmth of the pearl of China southern airlines.