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Enjoy cantonese cuisine identity "in guangzhou fresh"

Date: 2014-12-06

Ali is a Muslim, some taboos on diet, but for the food in guangzhou, he is very identity.Guangzhou has brought together all over the world, he says, food, cantonese cuisine is unique, food is delicate, color, flavor, and admire the guangzhou people on a diet that a focused and serious.He also said the guangzhou people's diet and iranians are quite different, here is delicious, but the iranians diet custom obviously influenced by religion, with a strong national colors, eat food very the attention auspicious meaning.
Now, ali also often cook and do enjoy the food for his wife, especially good at to do steak, Fried chicken, will also do the BBQ."Most of the time is I help him to do breakfast, just make toast, sandwiches, etc., ha ha."Sabrina said humorously.